A Lot has been Happening in The Josh Gross World

Hi all. Been awhile since I’ve posted. That’s because I’ve been super-busy with a ton of projects.

For one, I went to SXSW to cover the Idaho showcase for Boise Weekly. It was a great trip you can read all about here.

But as soon as I got back, I was plunged into full chaos mode for the stage production of my play, Veronica Livingstone I Presume, which was a giant success. The night we closed, the theater was actually over capacity, with people choosing to come in to see it at as standing room only. An anonymous donor even gave $1,000 to Homegrown Theater’s Kickstarter campaign for the costs of the play after seeing it, so they clearly liked it a lot.

Currently I’m hard at work on an audio version of Secrets & Lies, which will include an original score that I am composing, and I’m working on booking a summer tour for my solo project, Godcrotch—though I’m considering changing the name to ease the booking process. The current plan is to hit Seattle, Portland, Corvallis, Southern Oregon and Bend, in mid-July. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to book a date in there. My hope is to make a hybrid music and book tour, so that they help pay for each other.

Also, I’m going to be playing drums with my friend Steven Palin for his acoustic pop band Bridgeport, who I will be touring with in July, and The North End Snugglers are starting practice again, since Guitar Matt’s army training was delayed. Though, we did change the name of that band to The Ratings Battle, to be more in line with the sound. The Ratings Battle should be releasing the album we recorded in December, by the end of the summer. A few sample tracks are below.

And finally, I’m in the process of setting up a short film night in Boise to screen some of the projects I’ve worked on. It’s tentatively scheduled for Friday, July 20 at Bricolage. More details to come as they pass into existence.

Plus, as always, I’m putting in time on the Boise comedy circuit and generally farting around.

Still, I should have updated more. There’s plenty of good stuff worth talking about in there. Sorry. I shan’t let it happen again.

Stay classy blogosphere. We’ll chat again soon.


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