Like the page heading implies, I write books. They are available for purchase here.

Here are some nice things people have said about them.

  • “The originality in his approach and his grip of humor writing knock the wind out of me.”-Boulder Weekly
  • “[His] are the kind of soul-molesting stories that are difficult to forget, and would be a shame to miss out on.”
  • “Josh has a talent for creating an instant connection with a character and his or her story that, unfortunately seems to be rare in the world of writing today.”-The Idaho Statesman
  • “There is nothing timid about Secrets & Lies. Josh Gross dives headlong and with no holds barred into stories both tragic and absurd. Relationships bloom and falter, leaving the reader by turns laughing and cringing, and populated by characters desperate to escape the feeling of disconnect we all share.” – The Writer’s Block KRBX 89.9
  • “Gross’ reflections on love, on loss and on the unending–and often unsatisfactory–search for ultimate truth will resonate with anyone who has ever tried to navigate the maze of life.” –Boise Weekly
  • “Josh Gross has the uncanny ability to balance the absurdly comical with the profoundly emotional. The biggest challenge for me as a filmmaker in adapting his work will be externalizing his ingeniously written inner monologue while preserving its depth.” –Kimberly Rideout, Filmmaker

Here is some other published work in shorter form.

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