Secrets & Lies

Secrets & Lies is NOW available online, in both e-book and paperback editions.

Stalking your pet’s former owners. Faking your death to get out of paying back your student loans. Stealing your co-worker’s cat to teach her a lesson about hygiene. These are secrets and these are lies. Sometimes they’re both. They’re also just a few of the stories in Secrets and Lies, author Josh Gross’s debut collection examining things people prefer to hush up and gloss over.

In this book, you’ll get inside the head of a cynical competitive debater forced to logically justify the existence of love, see an alternate history in which Congress banned heartbreak after the tragic events of February 14th and even experience abortion from a male perspective.

With Gross’s wicked wit and wordplay focused through a lens equal parts existentialist and absurd, you’ll be riveted from cover to cover.

In fiction, everything is a lie. Unless it’s a secret.

Purchase a copy  here.


“Josh has a talent for creating an instant connection with a character and his or her story that, unfortunately seems to be rare in the world of writing today.”-The Idaho Statesman

“There is nothing timid about Secrets & Lies. Josh Gross dives headlong and with no holds barred into stories both tragic and absurd. Relationships bloom and falter, leaving the reader by turns laughing and cringing, and populated by characters desperate to escape the feeling of disconnect we all share.” – Amanda Turner, The Writer’s Block KRBX 89.9

“Gross’ reflections on love, on loss and on the unending–and often unsatisfactory–search for ultimate truth will resonate with anyone who has ever tried to navigate the maze of life.” –Amy Atkins, Boise Weekly

“…from inconvenient hauntings to broken relationships, Josh Gross’s book explores it all with casual whit and careful execution. Even the classic argument-inducing topics – abortion and adultery to name a couple – are treated in a manner that is at once cavalier and compassionate.” –Anna Demetriades – Board Member, Story Story Night

“Josh Gross has the uncanny ability to balance the absurdly comical with the profoundly emotional. The biggest challenge for me as a filmmaker in adapting his work will be externalizing his ingeniously written inner monologue while preserving its depth.” –Kimberly Rideout, Filmmaker

Excerpts from Secrets & Lies by Josh Gross available HERE.

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