Pre-Order the Film Adaptation of my Story, “The Dog House”

For those who do not already know, the first story in my book, The Dog House, was optioned to be made into a film by a Boston-based filmmaker of my aqaintance named Kim Rideout.

The film will be her senior thesis for film school at Boston University.

And, her script adaptaing my story was so effin’ good it won a women in film prize from the Adrienne Shelley (Director of Waitress) Foundation.

That film is starting production any day now and has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to cover some of the costs of location fees. I am a big proponent of crowdfunding, especially in situations like this, where it can be used to pre-purchase something. Heck. I even threw down $25 bucks. 

Contribute here. Or else live in regret for the rest of your days. No pressure.

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