Live-looped electro-wizardry. Like a DJ without the D. Your new favorite band.

It’s not a one-piece; it’s a unitard.

“Forgive me for being a little taken aback by not only the set up, but also just how good the music was. ” –Owen Smith, Seattle Times

“The music’s a stone groove, a neon strut through boundless palettes.” –Cory Frye, Corvallis Gazette Times
“Hypnotizing looped guitar riffs injected with the emotion that so often is forgotten in electronic music
.” -Tim Wenger, Colorado Music Buzz

Upcoming gigs.

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Selected bands played with

Geographer, Xiu Xiu, Dustin Wong, Hustle and Drone, Rumtum, The Slants, Andy D., Red Hands Black Feet, The VAM Commanders, Sun Blood Stories, Miracles of Modern Science, Kithkin, Champion Denver, Megafauna, Church Fire, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Futurebabes, The Ultra-Violent Rays, The Saturday Giant, Thee Dang Dangs, CAMP, Phantahex, Weekender, Lost Weekend, The Epilogues, The Photo Atlas, New York City Queens, Alleys, Dedicated Servers, Hey V Kay, Man Mantis, Pony Time, David Liebe Hart, Andy D., White Cat Pink, Head Injuries.

Venues and cities performed in

Portland: Ash Street Saloon, Berbati’s, Ground Kontrol, Backspace, The Kenton Club, The Towne Lounge, Sabalas; Boise: Neurolux, The Crux, Red Room, Liquid, The Shredder, Gramma’s House, Visual Arts Collective, Spacebar; Denver: Larimer Lounge, Lost Lake, The Meadowlark, The Walnut Room, Lion’s Lair; Boulder: eTown Hall, Dead Leaf, Bohemian Biergarten, Press Play; Seattle: High Dive, 2-Bit Saloon, The Fun House; Olympia: Track House, Le Voyeur; Bay Area: The Stork Club, El Rio; Bend: The Horned Hand, The Volcanic Pub; Southern Oregon: Brickroom, Oberon’s, Club 66, Johnny B’s, Bombs Away Cafe, Caldera Brew Pub; Spokane: Mootsy’s.


Denver Psych Fest, Downtown Art and Sound, Treefort Music Fest

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