Ace reporter, produced playwright and internationally recognized rock’n’roll superstar Josh Gross is a frenetic enthusiast of all things communicable that infuses chutzpah into all he endeavors despite ardent detractors. He lives, works, and is generally up to no good at all in Ashland, Oregon.

Likes: square-toed boots, ukulele cover bands and basset hounds.

Dislikes: Nazis, snakes, and seeing important historic artifacts in the hands of thug-like private-collectors instead of in a museum where they belong.

Special powers: guitar skills of 10 small children, plus-12 strength hilarious sarcasm when dice rolls alcohol and the ability to have a 5-o’clock shadow by 1 p.m.

Weaknesses: total inability to let a ‘that’s what she said’ moment pass un-that’s-what-she-saided.

Favorite existentialist philosopher: Aaron Barret of Reel Big Fish.

Shirt size: 42-inch chest.

Once, Josh found a dollar on the ground. That’s the whole story. It’s not very good. If he were a less honest man, he’d probably tell people it was a twenty. Which really wouldn’t be that much better. Oh well.

Star Trek or Star Wars: Definitely, Trek.

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