Comedy. Plays by Josh Gross

COMEDY. Plays by Josh Gross, is NOW available online in paperback editions.

Josh Gross had his first play, No Glass Eyes or Pets, produced during college in 2005. It later won an award the play wasn’t even nominated for on a write-in. He was hooked.

In the time since then, his scripts have been produced all over the Western U.S., earning accolades, extended runs and several film adaptations. The eleven scripts in this collection are by turns poignant and preposterous, and have been accused of being “too funny for their own good,” a stigma Gross wears proudly.

Whether it’s the absurdist satire of turning Grease into a musical about werewolves, dissecting the bizarre history of cat worship through the lens of a corporate legal drama, or putting alcoholics in a tear in the fabric of space-time where they can meet themselves when they’re drunk as a form of intervention, the plays in this book are far from ordinary. In them, you’ll see what an art heist looks like to a painting, experience a day in the life of an ice cream man caught in a turf war, and learn how even the best planned roommate ad in the classifieds can go disastrously awry. You’ll see an anthropologist study his family to cope with agoraphobia, characters fight over the nobility of turtles and whether or not one can be best friends with a poster of Audrey Hepburn, and meet a serial killer that narrates his ritual in song.

Prepare to be moved, confused, and all-around amused.

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