New Reviews for Secrets and Lies

This is actually from a few weeks ago, but I’ve been too busy to post it. Sorry. My book, Secrets & Lies, just got its first review in a gen-u-ine print publication: Boulder Weekly.

Highlights include…

At times the originality in his approach and his grip of humor writing knock the wind out of me. He takes risks — daring ones, bold ones. Like in “The Rise and Fall of the Wally Johnson Act,” which chronicles in terse terms the inception and implementation of a congressional act making it illegal to break someone’s heart. Or “Dead Air” (written over the course of a weekend for the Sledgehammer 36-Hour Writing Contest in Portland, Ore.), which recounts the trials of a surly, often-drunk television news station janitor dealing with the prankster ghost of a former news anchor and finishes with a flourish to leave you laughing and shaking your head.

Though, my journalistic need for transparency dictates I must point out the author of said review is an old friend.

Interestingly enough, another review came in around the same time. And though it was also positive, and from someone I know, the source is less a friend than an enemy So, I think that ought to void any perceptions of nepotism.

Summarizing these stories doesn’t do them justice. They are incredibly real and familiar, and while they are fiction, often it feels as if these stories are your own. These are the kinds of soul-molesting stories that are difficult to forget, and would be a shame to miss out on.

Not too shabby from someone whose last words at me were something in the neighborhood of “what the hell is he doing here?” Now if only we could get those pesky highfalutin’ folks over the New York Times to pay attention, maybe sales would finally take off.

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