Just got a pretty sweet review of my book from this blog. Apparently my stories are “soul-molesting.” And they’re not even Catholic! Check it out biznatches.

Josh Gross’s collection of short fiction (or collection of nonfiction, or fictionalized nonfiction, or some combination of all of the above, depending on how you look at it) span a variety of both funny and distressing topics. A barista tries to  treat a homeless man like a human being much to the chagrin of his boss and coworkers, a young couple deals with an abortion, a girl kidnaps a cat, and more than a few people get their hearts stepped on. More than anything, though, these stories are about the often painful experience of growing up.

The collection, aptly titled Secrets & Lies, is composed of stories that feel incredibly honest while others are more like a jolting romp through imagination. It’s difficult to tell where the nuggets of truth are in these stories, but all of them have an intensity of spirit and depth that can’t be denied.

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