Book Design is Final, Next Phase is Imminent

That’s right kids, the design is locked in. Just got the final proofs back from the supremely talented Jennie Jorgensen and they’re looking sweet.

That means one final readthrough to check for any typos or errors introduced in the process of fixing those from the last round and this turkey is ready to be printed.

Well, technically, this version will be printed. It’s what’s considered an advance copy, something that’s printed and sent out for review with the understanding that it may contain a few errors that are in the process of being fixed. But that way reviewers and industry types can be hip on it before it actually hits the newstands. Or cyber-newsstands anyhow.

Now that this document is in hand, we’re ready to move to the next phase and actually start the crowdfunding campaign to pay for widescale publication and promotion of the book. My manager/publicist Jennifer Orr and I have been scheming about how to be really effective in our fundraising efforts for about two months now and it’s just about time to make all our grand ideas come to life. Maybe even as soon as next week.

So look out world, some schenanigans are about to get dropped and a book is about to be born.

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