Everything You Need to Know About the Secrets and Lies Fundraising Campaign

The crowdfunding campaign to make my book, Secrets and Lies, a reality, is finally live.

But since crowdfunding is still a relatively new concept, I thought I’d give a quick primer on the process so no one feels left out.

1. Q: What is crowdfunding? A: It’s a secure online method of raising money for the publication through pre-sale. It functions like a hybrid of a social networking site and an online store and is very easy to use. If you’d like to know more, I wrote an in-depth article on the subject for Boise Weekly.

2. Q: Why should I get involved with some new fangled weirdness? Can’t I just wait until the book comes out and pick it up from the bookstore? A: No, because this is how we’re raising the money to put the book out. If you don’t contribute, then the book may not be able to be released. Most publishing companies have money or a bank backing them. We don’t. We have you, the fans. But even if we did have banks itching to fund this thing, I prefer being accountable to the people more anyhow.

3. Q: I’ve heard of Kickstarter. Is this like that? A: Yes. Same thing, different company better matched to this project.

4. Q: How much money are you trying to raise? A: $2400-ish to cover the itemized expenses listed on the project page. That means we have to pre-sell around 160 copies of Secrets and Lies to make this turkey fly. Not undoable, but certainly in need of your help.

5. Q: How do I know you won’t take the money and run off to Bermuda? A: I won’t. Not only because putting a book out is the most important thing in the world to me, far more than the measly two grand I might make off with, but because the website would sue me on your behalf to get your money back.

6. Fine, fine, fine, you’ve convinced me. What do I do? A: My favorite words in the world…

To participate…

A. Go to the project page on IndieGoGo.

B. On the right side, there is a column of “perks.” Pick the perk (pre-sale option) you prefer: Book, book and e-copy, book, e-copy and original art from the interior, and click on “claim this perk.”

C. Fill in the fields just like making an online purchase. Super-easy.

D. Stare at your mailbox waiting for the duration of the campaign.

Actually,  don’t do that last one. Your perks will come in the mail as soon as the campaign wraps up and they’re produced.

But it would be really great if you posted links to the project on your blog or social media sites to boost its ratings in searches, and encouraged people you know to contribute as well. As AC/DC put it, “it’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.” And I could use all the help out there.

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