Words and Music Tour Gets Off to a Rough Start

Farts. After months of planning and years of dreaming, the big day finally arrived, and I hopped in the van with my good pals Red Hands Black Feet to schlep off to fabulous locales and dirty basements across the western U.S.

We made it about 200 miles before the transmission died, not even to our first gig.

We spent the night in a cheap motel in Twin Falls, Idaho, waiting for a mechanic shop to open in the morning—which, BTW, why the fuck aren’t there any late-night mechanics—and are now working to get back on the road. Because of the routing we can still pick the tour back up in Moscow and go from there, and that is the plan.

However, the cost to do so, is obscene. Turns out, transmissions cost around as much as a new van. Luckily, there are some parents that are helping out, but the band is going to have to go to pretty extreme measures to pay off the repairs. The words “bikini car wash” were even thrown around. But no one wants to see that.

And since Red Hands Black Feet are some swell fellas, we’re hoping their adoring public can have their back.

We made this video in the hotel room to explain the situation and how you might be able to help. Check it out.

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