Secrets & Lies is Now on Amazon

Though we weren’t able to get it up intime for the Christmas shopping rush, my debut book, Secrets & Lies is now available for purchase on Amazon, meaning it’s available nearly anywhere.

The link to purchase the book is here. And if you do, please make sure to take a few moments and fill in a reader review. They’re crucial to smaller press books like my own that don’t get much press.

I’d still prefer to see Secrets & Lies sold in local bookstores, but at least this way it’s out there.

If you own a bookstore and would like to carry the book, or know of one you’d like to see it sold in, let me know and I’ll try to get that set up. Heck, I’d be glad to come do a reading even.

But until then, spread that rank far and wide. Christmas may be over, but birthdays are year round. And what better birthday present is there than a book?

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