What do you think of my book, Secrets & Lies?

By day, a large part of my job is to be professional critic. Not everyone approves of what I have to say, which they make  abundantly clear in their web comments. I think that part of it is that they think it’s me dishing it out and never having to take it, which isn’t true. I love “taking it.” I am of the opinion that something is discussed because it’s worth discussing, so even when criticism is negative, it grants legitimacy.

That’s why now that my book is getting into the hands of readers, I’d love to know what they think of it. If you’ve got a review, a commentary, a criticism, a request for me to kill myself before writing again, or illegitimately father your children so they will have talent on par with my own, feel free post it here.

Something like this little nugget copied and pasted from Facebook perhaps…

Shy Allot: “Just started reading Secrets & Lies by Josh Gross. Cried in the first 40 pages. I know that doesn’t sound like a good sell, but consider how good the writing would have to be to make me cry.”

Thanks kids.

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