Secrets and Lies is Officially “Out”

That’s right. The book is back from the printers and is beginning its slow march across the globe.

As of today, it is available at Hyde Park Books in Boise, Idaho, where the release party was held. By the end of the week, it should be available in several more local shops and will have been sent to all of the contributors to the crowdfunding campaign.

Within a few weeks, it should be available via Amazon and Book Baby print-on-demand and e-book retailers online.

From there we will be trying to expand the network of bookstores that carry the book and setting up a West Coast book tour. The team behind Secrets and Lies may not have the resources of major imprints, but we’ll keep the march going, slow and steady.

If you couldn’t make the release party on Saturday night. Here is a video of the official unveiling of the book, complete with ukuleles and pyrotechnics.

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