The “Best of” Track Listing Has Been Finalized

In order to publish Secrets and Lies, we used a process called crowdfunding to presell the book in order to raise the money to print the book. But more than just the book, we offered a series of bonus incentives if people wanted to throw down a few extra bucks.

One of them was a copy of my “Best Of” album, a compilation of some of my favorite songs from the many music projects I’ve been a part of. It was half a joke, since the idea of putting out your own best of album is somewhat absurd when you’ve had no actual hits. But there was enough material I’d recorded that hadn’t been heard that I thought it would be a good bonus.

It was really hard to narrow down. There were definitely some good songs that didn’t make it, and a few that while not technically “great,” wouldn’t get the chance to be heard otherwise. After what felt like months of thought, the final track listing that will be sent out to those who pre-ordered is below.

The VAM Commanders

  • Punk Rock Chiuaua
  • Poop on You
  • Josh and the Mosh Pits
  • We Hail You Our Dark Lord Gargamel
  • Trashcans and Mirrors
  • A Boy and His Dog
  • Super Mario Dub

The Sucker MC Jive Turkeys

  • Requim for the Jumpkick
  • Satan’s Dirty Pillows
  • Black Magic Pajama Party
  • Antarctic Apocalypse (the Night the Penguins Cried)


  • We Are Rock’n’Roll
  • Fucking Sucks
  • The Minotaurs Take Dallas
  • Everybody Scream
  • You Are Not a Ferrari

Fat Cobra

  • 65th
  • Sleep Alone
  • Count Off
  • Falsehood
  • Ain’t Shit Changed
  • Doing Fine
  • Squirrels and Cheese
  • Atheist Gangsta
  • Ghosts
The Schenanigoats
  • Yoko of All Trades
  • Ensephlagraph
  • A Lie
Los Tres Sombreros Del Muerte
  • The Battle Hymn of the Intellectual
  • 0069
  • The Life and Times of Mommy and Daddy Potato
  • Power Rangers
  • Combo with Cheese (First Song and Let’s Talk America medley)
The North End Snugglers
  • Dub Song
  • New New Song
  • Dangerous

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