A Lot on the Radar for 2011…

Gotta say kids, 2011 barely started but it’s already damn near full up with projects.

My first book, Secrets and Lies, a collection of short fiction should be out this spring.

My second book, The Madness of Method, a comedic novel about the delusion of the creative process, has been picked up by Papertooth Press, a startup press in Portland, and may be out as soon as summer.

After about a decade, my old band has decided to put out a new album and possibly tour Japan.

The Lost Van Gogh, a movie I wrote, is being scored and should be all done by February. And, the director already has another project for us to work on.

Also, I’m thinking about putting together an album of ukulele covers called Godcrotch.

Updates on all these projects will come as soon as possible. Altogether, there’s a lot going on in the world of “The” Josh Gross, and it’s all pretty exciting.

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