Secrets and Lies Update…

Just met with the designer and artist for Secrets and Lies, my forthcoming collection of short fiction.

She’s going to be doing an original illustration for the heading of each of the 25 stories in the book. It’s pretty exciting, because this was something I tried to do when some of these stories were published in zine format. But I’m just not a good enough artist, so it didn’t work out very well.

However, the artist I’m working with, Jennie Jorgensen, is fabulous. She won a mural contest in downtown Boise and does a lot of posters and logo designs for local bands like Neo Tundra Cowboy, RevoltRevolt and Built to Spill. That’s exactly the kind of energy and aesthetic I want the book to have and I’m really stoked that she’s doing the art for it.

The first set of illustrations is set to be done by next week and I’m hoping to post some up here to give any interested parties a sneak preview.

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