Debut Album From The Ratings Battle Now Available for Free Download

The Ratings Battle

The Ratings Battle

I spent 2011 drumming in a really fun band called The Ratings Battle. We did some gigs, a NW tour, recorded an album—one of the best of I’ve played on—and then our guitar player shipped out to basic training, so we had to stop playing for awhile.

But notice that what we didn’t do was ever put that album out.

Shit just got in the way and it sat on my computer for most of 2012, sounding awesome and not being heard by anyone but me. And it really does sound awesome. The studio—which has been around for decades—even uses it as one of their work samples. Not too shabby.

Guitar Matt was on leave for Christmas and we met up and decided to go ahead and make the album available for free download to anyone that wants it. We can always press hard copies later and release them if we want. We’ll have to see when he gets back from Army-stuff.

I decided to call the album Shelf Titled since it sat on the shelf for so long. Don’t like it? Blame me. Who will probably tell you to go fuck yourself because I’m hilarious.

Anyhow, here it is. The long-awaited and super-rocking debut from The Ratings Battle. Enjoy.

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