Iconplasty’s first writeup has arrived

Benjamin Schultz, the tireless music blogger over at Here Comes the Dumptruck caught my set at Neurolux on Election Day—that’s Nov. 6 for those of you anarchists out there.

Here’s what he thought…

First up was Iconoplasty, the latest project of musician/playwright/Boise Weekly reporter Josh Gross.  It would’ve been impressive enough to have watched/heard the man construct layer upon layer of beats, riffs and loops for fifty minutes straight with only a guitar and an electronic drum setup.  Then he confirmed afterwards that, aside from the very beginning and the very end, his set had been entirely improvised.  Probably the most immediately and straightforwardly likeable that Josh Gross will ever get.  It’s just a shame that more people didn’t dance.  At least one guy had the right idea…

I like Ben and his writing a lot. And not just because he said something nice. He referred to one of my previous bands as “a really good joke,” which definitely wasn’t the sound I was going for. What I like is he’s willing to go out there and do a local music blog, regardless of whether people care or not, because he cares about it. That’s how I feel about playing music and I’m glad to see someone besides myself trying to cover it in the same way.

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