Interview with the Idaho Statesman

The Idaho Statesman, the local daily, interviewed me about Secrets & Lies last week. I talked a lot, and a few things were transcribed poorly, but here it is in case you missed it in print.

raelynn fry

Interview with Boise Author, Josh Gross (Edited for space)

(August 24, 2012, Dawson Taylor Coffee – neutral territory)


 When you first asked us to review it [your book] I saw that it was a collection of short stories and I never really never got into short stories just because, for me, I never thought there was enough to get into, but actually, short story writers are very talented because you have to get all of that in there, you have to get the bang of the character in the story right away—

–And you have to start over every time.

Yeah exactly, and you don’t have that many pages to get everything across to your reader and get them hooked.  So good job, I’m converted. I enjoy short stories, because it’s a nice little window–snapshot–into someone’s life without getting committed for 300 pages.

Yeah, it’s good because it’s nice…

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