Atheist Gangstas Strike Again

A while back my friend Mike Lee, the Religious Antagonist, joined me onstage to do an atheist gangsta rap we wrote a half hour before performing it. With that much prep, we obviously didn’t do a very good job. Especially since that was the first time I’d ever performed with my looping pedal.

We revisited the gag a few weeks ago for a hip hop show I did and it came out much better.

And as many of the commenters have pointed out, no, it’s not Greydon Square. What actual purpose it serves to point out that Mike and I are not another rap group that we’ve never listened to is a mystery to me, but I’m sure it makes everyone on the net feel really superior in some arbitrary way.

There aren’t currently any plans to expand on the gag beyond this song. But if the fancy strikes me, who knows.

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