The Everything for Everyone Tour is Preparing for Launch

Some tours are simple, straight-forward affairs easy to explain to people. And when you have a lot of money to market one thing specifically, that’s probably the smart way to go. In the indie world, we have to patch things together however we can.

In a few days I’m leaving for a NW tour with my friend Steven Palin, better known as Bridgeport. We’re calling it the Everything for Everyone Tour. Why? Steven plays bass for me sometimes, and sometimes I play drums to back him up. We’re touring together and depending on what the gig is we’ll be playing different versions of both of our solo projects as they best fit the gig. One stop he’ll just be playing classical guitar in a restaurant that pays really well. We’ll probably busk on the street one day. And instead of drums, I’ll be playing bass for Bridgeport with a drummer I’ve never met. We’ll also be shoehorning a book tour into the cities we stop in.

Why? Well, as the great philosophy student once said: “Why not?”

Actually, there are very good reasons why. Finances being a big one. We can save money by touring together and be more versatile to hopefully earn more of it on the road, so we lose less of it by touring in the first place. It’s going to be weird and unpredictable and might very well end in disaster. But what kind of lame rock and roll tour would it be if that wasn’t the case?

We’ll be in Seattle/Tacome this weekend, then down to Portland for a show at Backspace on Tuesday, then Corvallis on Thursday, Eugene on Friday and possibly Medford or Bend on Saturday, before heading back home to Boise. The full schedule is here.

Below are a few sample videos we recently shot as promo. One of Bridgeport with me on drums and another from my improv looping set, which I will be playing at least two of the stops on the tour. Which ones? You’ll just have to show up to find out.

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