Your Chance to Finally See The Lost Van Gogh

For a long time I’ve been going on and on about this film I wrote called The Lost Van Gogh. For some of my friends, I think it’s reached the point of being like that guy in middle school who totally made out with this hot girl with enormous boobs, but who you can’t ask to verify because she moved to Alaska then died. But you know, she’s totally not made up.

But after a number of screenings at international film festivals all over the country, it’s going to show in my turf where all the disbelievers will have a chance to get shown what for.

The Lost Van Gogh is getting its public premiere on January, 26 in Portland at the NW Film Center as part of the NW Film Center’s “Movers and Makers” screening, a collection of innovative shorts from the talented staff.

The screening starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $6-$9 and are available here.

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