Lots of Things Happening in Film World

A few years ago, my good friend Jessica came to me with an idea for a film about a lost Van Gogh painting. She asked me to write the screenplay for her.

And so began one of the must frustrating and most rewarding writing experiences of my life. Frustrating because it took nearly three years from that meeting until the time we sat down to watch the finished 17-minute film, The Lost Van Gogh. Rewarding because it came out better than I ever imagined.

So good in fact, that not only has it been making headwind  on the festival circuit, with screenings at The White Sands International Film Fest, The Tulsa International Film Fest, The Local Sightings Film Fest in Seattle and the Portland Gay and Lesbian Film Fest, but it took the audience choice award in Tulsa.

I was pretty excited that it was playing, but hearing that from Jessica was probably the best text message I’ve ever received. When you show people something you’re really proud of, you’re never sure if they’re just being nice when they say they like it. But an award like that makes it official that you did good.

The film, an art heist caper told from the perspective of the painting, has gotten some write-ups and is still out there kicking ass on the festival circuit.

And as big as that is, there’s still more happening in Josh Gross’s wide world of film.

During the crowd-funding campaign to publish Secrets and Lies, one of the perks offered was film rights to a story in the book. My good friend and collaborator from In The Red Films, Kim Rideout decided to go for it. She purchased film rights for one of my favorite stories in the book, The Dog House, and will be shooting it in Boston during spring of 2012.

More news about these and other film projects is on the way.

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