Limited Edition “Greatest Hits” CD Now Available with Book Contribution

As a musician, I’ve recorded more than a dozen albums. Everything from indie rock to disco to skacore to hip hop and even ukulele folk. Being that my catalog is as extensive as it is, I always thought it would be funny to make a compilation of my “greatest hits.”

And now that I’m trying to offer unique perks to entice people to contribute to the publication of my first book, Secrets and Lies, I’m finally getting around to it.

The new “Greatest Hits,” package on the crowdfunding site costs $25 and will get you a copy of my book and a copy of my greatest hits album, which will feature no actual hits, just my favorite songs from my recording career to date. There will also be a zine explaining why I chose those songs.

There’s only one catch: contributing to the book campaign is the only way to get this limited edition compilation. I’m not going to be pressing or selling it later at shows. So it’s now or never.

Some of the tracks may be familiar to people who’ve followed my music career, primarily those from VAM Commanders albums that I plan to include. But even to people who’ve followed closely, much of the material will be either new or unheard because its release was limited or non-existent.

In addition to the VAM tracks, there will also be selections from my new wave band The Sucker M.C. Jive Turkeys, Cark (my side project with the drummer from VAM), Godcrotch (my ukulele accordion remix project), Fat Cobra (a Portland band I was in that made an interesting recording but never played a gig), The Schenanigoats (my first solo project) some Dionysus and Velvet Elvis (my bands from high school) songs and maybe even a few custom recordings made just for the compilation.

Not all of the recordings will be amazing, and some of the earlier performances might actually make me cringe, but there won’t be anything on the disc that I’m not proud of for one reason or another.

For a preview of one my favorite songs from my ukulele project, watch the video below. And know that it is a reinterpretation of a VAM song, the original which can be heard here.

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