Don’t Ever Ever Ever EVER Let Your Domain Name Expire

Hi kids. 

In case any frequent readers out there are wondering where I’ve been, the answer is several-fold. 

1. I just moved from Idaho to Colorado, so that’s been taking a lot of my time.

2. In an online sense, I’ve been trapped in fucking purgatory. I could explain it, but it still makes my blood pressure rise to think about. So here’s a New York Times story that is pretty much exactly what I went through, including calling a friend that speaks Japanese, but not including having a lawyer to sue. Frankly though, I’d rather send Stallone over to break their thumbs.  

3. This site is in dire need of a redesign. And I didn’t want to put too much effort into it in its current format. So posts may be sparse until then. But when the new site comes, it will come with lots of new goodies. Iconoplasty has more audio and video on the way. The soundtrack for my last musical is nearly done. Colorado is providing no shortage of new adventures to grouse about. And it’s about time to start work on another book, as well as get going on publishing the one I most recently finished.

So, in short, as my close friends Wayne and Garth would say: “game on.”

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