“The Dog House” is Now Available to Watch Online

A while back, my old pal Kimmy D.—an upstanding young lass named Kimberly Diane Rideout who would probably strenuously object to being referred to as Kimmy D., hence the appeal of doing so—took a story from my first book, Secrets & Lies, and adapted it into a film. Her screenplay won a big-ass filmmaking grant from the Adrian Shelley Foundation and she has gone on to work with movie people you have heard of like, Woody Allen, Chris Rock and Louis C.K.

But only a precious few in the independent film community or the film team’s collective personal circles got a chance to actually see the finished piece.


For those that couldn’t make it to the Grossvision! screening earlier this year and that missed out on picking up the DVD of my films during the crowdfunding process for my latest book the “The Hack,” Lady Rideout just put it up on her Vimeo page.

Check it out below, then take the poll about what story of mine you’d like to see adapted into a film next.

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