Words & Music Tour Update


Hey all. Here’s what’s gone down so far for those keeping tabs.

A friend of RHBF’s Joey and Jake Myers father hauled our tour van back to Boise from where it broke down in Twin Falls. In some truly astounding character development, he talked like Sling Blade, showed us his loaded gun (which he kept in a compartment with a giant bag of beef jerky) and wanted to stop along the way to help bury his brother’s dog. Idaho FTW.

It was over $3,000 to get the transmission fixed, which RHBF had to borrow and is now trying to figure out how to pay back, but we were able to pick the tour up in Moscow on Saturday, missing only our show in Idaho Falls, the reading in Missoula and the first night in Moscow. The only drawback was that the first night in Moscow was apparently so packed the bar sold out of beer. The second night was a house show in which we pretty much only played to the people that lived there. But right after we finished some kids showed up and we both did second sets. But everyone was so glad to be on the road, no one was upset at all.

The next day we hit the road to Spokane and discovered that the venue wrote down that we were playing Monday instead of Sunday with another show scheduled for that night. So we hustled a bit and found another club that had an opening we could jump on, Mootsy’s, which thanks to its sunday night $1 beers, was packed to the gills.

Monday we split to Seattle and tried the same stunt, calling up clubs in the paper that still had a TBA listed in the music lineup. We were able to get RHBF on the bill for Metal Mondays at the 2-Bit Saloon. I sat that one out. Though they played last, we made some friends and any show is better than no show.

Tuesday we were at High Dive in Seattle. The show got a writeup from the Seattle Times music blog and was pretty packed for a Tuesday, though that was due largely to Wolf Sense being on the bill, a wolf-themed tribute to the band that the same guys sans wolf masks are in. There’s a special kind of genius there. Only a handful stuck around the whole time, but that handful included the Times writer, Owen Smith,  who said, “this is some next level shit,” and the club’s booker who invited us back to play next time we’re in the region.

Afterwards, we drove down to Olympia, where we’re playing at Track House and Le Voyeur.

More updates as they happen.

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